Solo presentation @ Design Fair Milaan
The Salone del Mobile -.Milaan, ( Italy)
Courtesy Callewaert-Vanlangendonck Gallery & Jori

Dave Bown Projects,  New York 
Selected for the 13th Semiannual Competition ( USA)
(Curators: Helga Christoffersen, Assistant Curator, New Museum, New York; and Kelly Kivland, Associate Curator, Dia Art Foundation)

Open System   Antwerp Art Weekend 19-21 May 2017
Gallery M146, Antwerpen ( Belgium)
Egbert Aerts (BE) Stefan Annerel (BE) ,Kristien Dirkx (BE)
Peter Hulsmans (BE) ,Noel Ivanoff (NZ) ,Alexandra Kennedy (NZ) Michael Laird (US), Fred Michiels (BE) and Ruth van Haren Noman

Opening  new Gallery space  Collection Callewaert-Vanlangendonck                                     Antwerp Art Weekend 19-21 May 2017  Antwerpen ( Belgium)